Paul Francis has been working in the film and collectibles industries for fifteen years, creating his own original and commercial art. Paul’s own artworks are mechanical and technological in nature. Raised by artist parents and heavily influenced by the automotive industries, Paul had an early skill advantage. He started his art career by designing graphics for NASCAR. His true loves, model building and sculpture, became his primary career focus. He worked for years as a modelmaker in the film industry. He keeps his eye fresh and innovating by competing with his original models in competitions. His “Francis Design Studio” has worked with Universal theme parks and Disney to create unique products for their gift shops. Francis Design Studio is a multiple licensee with Dodge, Chrysler, Mopar, Sony, and Universal. As a vendor for these accounts, he was responsible for designing and sourcing manufacturers for licensed props, collectibles, and toys. His studio team can design and fabricate anything from the size of a dime to full-sized dinosaurs. Francis Design Studio still works with companies to produce their products in China from concept to delivery. His custom-built 5,000-square-foot facility is located conveniently close to Interstate 40 for logistics.

Francis Design Studios offers services such as complex matrix molds, fiberglass casting and repair, resin casting, roto-casting, custom tinted resins and clear block molds, design, custom sculpture, rapid prototyping, laser cutting, vacuum forming, sourcing, and art direction from start to finish.


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