Lucas Francis Studios was contracted by Styles on Video Japan owned by Mitsuaki Munegumi to cast their original Fox mold pull of an original Alien head. The head that was molded had all of the original markers being an original production made casting. This casting was missing the upper pallet and the dome. Kristina Francis sculpted the upper pallet and Paul Francis sculpted the dome based on the screen used heads in the collection of Bob Burns. Greg Nicotero of KNB FX had his studio create a one of a kind neck sculpture that was also matched to the originals in Bob’s collection. Greg received one of the first finished pieces that’s still in his collection.

SoVJ wanted these licensed Alien heads to be produced in America by FX artists. LFS molded the heads and Tom Killeen was brought in to help clean and paint the first 12 castings. Due to the amount of labor needed to finish one of these heads, it was determined that it would be better to produce them overseas with Fred Tang’s factory in China. LFS continued to produce the licensed heads until the China production was delivered.

SoVJ contracted Sideshow Collectibles to sell the limited edition Alien heads in America. This is a long sold out product that was very popular with collectors and original forty Alien heads built in America still demand thousands of dollars. One trade show display Alien head was produced using shoulders from an Alien Resurrection style Alien, this Alien bust is still in the collection of LFS.