I am a collector, too, so I have put a lot of stuff into this web site just for my comrades-in-collecting!

There are some articles here about collecting and exhibiting model horses.

Collectibility Class Tips

More specific articles about collecting and producing ceramic animals can be found at my blog, Muddy Hoofprints.

Do-It-Yourselfers: In addition to finished pieces, I produce a variety of helpful items for customizing your own model horses. If you go to Portfolio-Equine, you can view photos of my products in “For Customizers”.

I had the option of hosting a forum collector community here, but I decided to just keep the two online communities I already have. These two places get the first heads-up whenever I have a new edition, or a piece is up for sale.

My art is on Facebook: Animal Art of Kristina Lucas Francis

My art group on Yahoo: lucashorsecollectors

A Fall 2011 Breyer-exclusive interview of me, and photos of in-progress Desatado, on their web site.

A 2010 local news piece about my work.