Links to Elemental LLC prop sales and Auction sites along with our favorite prop forums. Click a link from the drop down menu, some forums may require you to log in before you can view them.

Welcome to Elemental Auctions website. We sell original props  and collectibles from film. Currently we are showcasing the Steve Johnson XFX collection.

Elemental Auctions holds weekly auctions on eBay and have been doing so for over one year, please take a look at the original props and artwork for sale.

Sign up on our facebook page for an exciting look at behind the scenes photos from current collections for sale.

Eon Entertainment produces the Rubber Rules Channel with Elemental LLC. Eon has produced several DVD’s for direct sale based on current collections.

The MPPC is a great forum to talk shop and hang out. 

The Resin Illuminati is the best place on the net for hard core model builders. 


Be cautious dealing with the Hunters Lair. Many of my products were recast by their members and it took years to get the people banned. They will recast your items and brag about it!