Tiki Mugs & More

In 2010 Kristina Francis created the Mai Kai Mystery Girl which is one of the most complex Tiki Mugs ever made. Since then she has created her own original designs including Tiki Rex, Zombie Night and the Creature Cup. In the spring of 2012 Kristina was contacted to design and sculpt the Horror in Clay Cthulhu mug eventually produced by Tiki Farm. Kristina has also made several wall plaques and salt an peper shakers.

Paul Francis has created several Tiki sculptures and sculpted the bowl for the Mai Kai Mystery Girl. The bowl was produced by itself through Swank Pad Productions.

Paul and Kristina have been collecting vintage tiki for several years and will be sharing some of their original bar wear from their private collection.

If you need something Tiki or a custom run of mugs, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.