“How do I get one of your pieces?”

There are a couple of made-in-the-USA resin editions, OF and unpainted, available now (Fall-Winter 2011). I also have new horse parts (sort of after-market enhancements) available for customizers. Visit Direct for more about these resins.

Breyer Animal Creations just announced their new online Collector Club, and the Premier Club. There is a Breyer-exclusive interview of me, and photos of in-progress Desatado, on their web site. The first horse in the Premier Club series is Desatado (also known as New Semi-rearing Horse), sculpted by me.

Original drawings and paintings: I haven’t had a chance to assign prices and shipping to everything on this site. Inquires about purchasing finished original flatwork are welcome.

Contact: Lest the bots fill my inbox with spam, here is my email in super-secret code, all lower case, no spaces:

my first name “at” the rest of my name studio “dot” com

Ceramics are bit more complicated, and I produce each step of them entirely by myself. My books are closed until January 2012.

I only very rarely offer finished ceramics, OF or custom glaze (cmg), for public sale. The easiest way to stay on top of any announcements is to join my Facebook page or my Yahoogroup.

Sculpture and Portrait Commissions: please see, How to Request a Quote.