Sideshow Collectibles and Francis Design Studio were proud to present the Fully Licensed Terminator 2 Endoskeleton. Created by Stan Winston Studio, the Endoskeleton is one of the most recognizable characters ever created for film. This 1-1 scale replica was molded from screen used original Endoskeleton parts and stands over six feet tall. The Endoskeleton has been offered before, but never with the level of detail created by Francis Design Studio. This replica was cast from new masters, new molds and uses new techniques. Each product listed below was molded and prototyped for Sideshow, HGC and SOVJ by Francis Design Studio.

Just a note for collectors wanting to own original T1 or T2 endoskeleton parts of pieces. NONE of the parts were triple chrome plated, they should not be real metal plated and cold to the touch. The actual parts were vacuum-metalized like chrome parts from a model car. You can actually dent or scratch the chrome with your fingernail. There are a lot of fake parts going around, please be careful when buying these pieces. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The were many chrome skulls made by SWS after the film and given away as prototypes and gift skulls. These have specific tells and you can compare to the verified skulls below.